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Parasite Game HackedParasite Game WikiWorm is: The Game! Smash worms or slither trying! Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game! You are a worm and you slither around looking for food to eat to get longer.. Other worms, likewise, slither around you seeking for food and trying to cut in front of you.

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KEY FEATURES - 4 unique environments with their own specificities - 4 shapes to unlock, each providing an exclusive ability - Non-linear level design allowing for routing choices - Use health as a resource to change shape and work around obstacles - Integrated timer, for the speedrun enthusiasts - Deactivate all 8 station modules before too many humans can escape! - Controller support (360 gamepad compatible recommended) and keyboard customisation.. About This Game OVERVIEW Parasite is a non-linear retro platformer with a mix of action and puzzles.. When your head hits another worm you become food for worms Parasite Game HackedParasite Game WikiThere are multiple shapes to unlock and to switch between to facilitate the navigation and sabotage the complex.. The player controls an alien worm wanting to get rid of a human space colony on his planet.

parasite game

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